Beating The Autumn Blues

by Joshua Reeves

Crispy Leaves

Cosy Nights In

Halloween Treats

Summer fading into Autumn isn’t all doom and gloom!

October brings with it lots to be excited about and, as the dismal British Summer departs once again, there is plenty to look forward to for the remainder of the year.

As the days shrink and night times grow, we develop a new appreciation for the farm which we are lucky enough to call home. Whether it’s watching the condensation form across the fields, disrupted only by the peaceful grazing of the sheep, or the even more stunning sunrises and sunsets across the beautiful tree lined backdrop of the fields we truly appreciate the changing of the seasons as it happens before our eyes.

But the cooler weather doesn’t just bring about changes on the farm, but also in people’s habits and wants away from the farm. Less time is spent out and about for hours on end, and more priority is placed on those cosy nights in front of the TV wrapped up in a blanket with hot food and drink to warm you up as the darkness draws in.

But what is the best food to enjoy throughout the colder months?

For us, it’s a delicious pie, specifically our Chicken, Ham & Leek pie

A traditional family favourite featuring tender chunks of free-range British chicken, outdoor-reared ham hock and buttered leeks, complimented by a creamy white wine and wholegrain mustard sauce in a crispy shortcrust pastry. Perfect!

However you spend your evenings, we’ve got you covered - click here to browse our range of pies and to order yours now.