Egg-celent Eggs. Everytime.

by Joshua Reeves

Long weekends

Sunny days

The second best kind of eggs…

April is here, and that means one thing, Easter! Every year this wonderful holiday changes its dates ever so slightly and, as a result, expectant children everywhere never quite know when they’re going to get their hands on delicious Easter Eggs.

With two weeks off of school, they’re full of excitement, and sugar, as the anticipation builds as they count down the minutes until they can devour their chocolatey eggs in a record time - although, we’re sure you’ll agree, Creme Eggs used to taste better…

Now, anyone that knows us also knows that we have a soft spot for all things “eggy” and as a result Easter is one of our favourite holidays.

However, we’re not taking our eye off the ball with the true “top dog” when it comes to eggs, and that has to be a delicious hard boiled egg, which fits perfectly into our delicious, crispy outer shell creating the ultimate scotch egg - beautiful!

If that’s not for you though, how long should you be boiling your eggs to get them just how you like them?

  • 5 Minutes gives you a set white and a runny yolk, amazing for those eggy soldiers
  • 6 minutes gives you a liquid yolk still, but without the ooze
  • 7 minutes makes the yolk alost set, leaving it deliciously sticky
  • 8 minutes is the ultimate softly set egg - the secret to our tasty scotch eggs!
  • 10 minutes gives you the classic hard boiled egg, all set for egg mayo

At this time of year eggs are at the forefront of our mind but, let us do the hard work and order your freshly cooked, perfectly seasoned, traditional range of scotch eggs directly to your door and celebrate Easter the right way!

(Although, we won’t hold it against you if you have a chocolate egg too!)