Making the most of the bank holidays

by Lionel Cozens-Smith

Bank Holidays

Warmer Weather

The true return of “picky bits”

The start of May means one thing for people up and down the country! 

Bank Holidays!

An extended weekend, and a chance to enjoy the weather and how better to do that than with a picnic?

Whether you’re enjoying a summer’s day or a warm evening, we know exactly what you need to make it a memorable event; good friends, good weather and, of course, great food!

But, you don’t want this food to be hearty and heavy on a beautiful day. You want something you can eat on the go, something quick that can be enjoyed hot or cold, and doesn’t involve a lot of mess and tidying up after you’re finished.

Finding this can be tough, the traditional “picky bits” (as named by mothers up and down the country) are light bites that come typically in plastic packing that, as well as being a little clumpy to carry, are also hard to dispose of - parks and beaches aren’t known for their recycling opportunities, and the carrying home of empty tubs and containers makes for a fiddly end to what should be a perfect day.

Here at Nelly’s we’ve thought about this and are also committed to supporting the nation's transition to a more sustainable future and, as a result, all of our packaging for our light bites is completely biodegradable!

That’s right, our sausage rolls, scotch eggs and pasties, all come in 100% completely biodegradable packaging meaning you don’t have to worry about disposing of your litter at the end of the day. Simply pop it in a normal bin and nature will do the rest.

Don’t add stress to an otherwise perfect, if not slightly damp, summer's day. Enjoy the food and do your bit for the environment - eat Nelly’s!

Better still you can order your goodies straight to your front door here

Bon Appetit!