This Valentines Day remember - Love goes through the stomach

by Joshua Reeves

Shrove Tuesday

Valentines Day

And, this year, the 29th!

February is the turning of a corner. New year's resolutions have typically gone out of the window, and bad habits have inevitably snuck back in, however with days slowly becoming longer and some of our most favourite days appearing - mostly those pertaining to food - there is another, renewed sense of optimism.

A day we, rather ironically, love is St Valentines. A day to shower the one we love in gifts and cards that we should really probably give them throughout the year to save a few quid. But cost aside there is one way to truly win over your partner…

…with food!

Food is the one true way to win the love of another, as we all know - love goes through the stomach!

It is for that very reason (and not the seasonal changes, honest!) that we’ve said goodbye to our winter favourite the Game Pie, and have replaced it with a responsibly sourced, slow-cooked, Venison and Mushroom Pie.

Filled with Chunks of South Downs venison, slow-cooked in a rich red wine gravy, with mushrooms, smoked bacon and a perfectly balanced selection of herbs and seasonings this pie is perfectly served alongside buttered mash potato, red wine gravy and a selection of winter root vegetables or garden peas - what’s not to love?

We’re confident you, and your partner, will love it - and with the food sorted, you’re free to pick a film, or two, to settle in with!

Order your pies, and other goodies, here now.