With Better Weather We’re Marching Into Spring

by Joshua Reeves

Blooming flowers

Birds chirping

Sun…well, shining…?

As we move swiftly into the third month of the year, which is flying by, we stop and take a look at all the wonders that this time of year brings!

From (hopefully) warmer, longer days to a wealth of beautiful plants and birds we love welcoming Spring on the farm. The birds chirp the mood lifts and we, hopefully, leave colder climates in our rearview mirror.

It means that between long hours in the kitchen, we can kick back, and enjoy all that the rolling hills of West Sussex have to offer. We no longer arrive in the cold, dark hours of the morning, leaving in the evening the same way. Instead, we’re greeted with beautiful, bright sunrises which radiate warmth through our souls and the smell of blooming wild flowers fill our sinuses, much to the aggrievement of our hayfever!

With the change in temperature comes a change in habits also, as people no longer hide away in the comfort and security of their homes heading out into the world from their own form of hibernation. Similarly they begin also swapping their filling, hearty portions of home-cooked meals replacing them with what is affectionately called in the trade - and by mums around the country - as "picky bits".

Perfect for picnics, parties and everything in between, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and quiches are on the minds of the British public, light bites they can eat on the go or enjoy in the sun. As such we're ramping up our production to keep up with the increased demand - so, don't be afraid to order a little extra, we've got you covered!

Freshly cooked and delivered straight to your door our selection is perfect for all the family, so what are you waiting for? March into Spring with us and enjoy some Nelly’s goodies!